SEXY is a one woman show I'm currently working on that has received kind support from Arts Council England, Bristol Old Vic and Camden People's Theatre.

It's a show that has been a long time coming, an idea that's been germinating in my brain for a long time. Indeed, I have been obsessed with the idea of sexiness since I was a very young girl. It's a raucous, rude and riotous affair and it's constantly changing and growing as I burrow further into the topic. As a human being, a young woman and a black woman, I have a lot of weird, confusing and embarrassing notions around what sexy means. I would love to say I don't care about it, but I really really do. But is that so bad? Is there a way to reclaim the tropes of sexy, or is that the self-delusional bullshit of a fluffly headed millenial that I smell?

SEXY E Flyer.jpg

The show explores all this and much much more. If you have a body, if you have had sex or wanted sex, if you want to be sexy, don't know how to be sexy, feel scared or embarrassed or alienated by the idea of sexy then this show is for you. If being a feminist and also a straight and sexual woman brings you out in paroxysms of confusion and anxiety, this is for you. If you like nid noughties music videos, could do a perfect body roll by the age of ten, have taken a selfie in your bra and pants or wasted some of your precious time on this planet poring over sex tips from Cosmo magazine, this show is DEFINITELY for you. Whatever your stance, whatever side of the tracks you're on, come check the show out. Have a look at my Upcoming Gigs page to see when SEXY will be earnestly grinding its way to a city near you.


PRODUCER: Liz Counsell