Vanessa has been writing all her life but began her spoken word career at the age of eighteen. Though never one to put herself into needless categories or boxes (the world does enough of that for us) Vanessa has always been preoccupied with honesty in her work. She likes storytelling that can access the magical in the every day and speaks of the nuances and contradictions of the human being. Themes that often creep up in her work are gender, race, heritage, family, sex, sexiness, bodies, clothes, music, dancing and whatever other wayward paths her brain may choose to go down. More recently, she is interested in exploring the internal discomfort that comes with hypocrisy and personal bias. Her more recent work plays with inhabiting different mindsets to her own to mine potentially illuminating perspectives.

As a performer, Vanessa tries her best to be engaging, honest and humourous - hopefully her performances will give each audience member the sense of having a booze soaked, giggly chat with a mate in a sticky corner booth at a local Spoons. She also likes to take things to a darker place in her sets: after all, light and shade are integral parts to any story. She tries not to preach or sermonise and she likes to push herself to do things that are silly, strange or unexpected. She will often contradict herself, say something a bit too crude or burp in the middle of a sad poem.

If you want to get into her good books, buy her a glass of rose after a gig. Failing that, tell her a story about yourself. She likes those.